“I love being adjusted by Kenda because I FEEL she holds in her awareness that I am a multi dimensional being with many MANY layers and directions of historical ‘responses’, one on top of the other, woven together… she goes beyond the obvious, into the sublime.  I experience incredible relief working with her!  Reminds me of my mom, who painstakenly de-tangled my long thick hair over and over again as a child – with humour, compassion, levity and great love for the Angel in us all.” -EC

“I  wholly trust Dr. Kenda with helping my entire family stay connected and strong in their bodies. My two young children love to come to her office for adjustments and, I think, soaking in the loving and quiet vibe. I see it as a gift to myself, and feel noticeably stronger both in physical and subtler body because of her care.” -LM

“I met Dr. Kenda when she evaluated my canine athlete ”Lilly” for chiropractic adjustment. “Lilly” has been a consistent client since then. I have used Dr. Kenda for my  own adjustments and also referred family and friends to her. She has a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere and achieves a great sense of well being for all of her clients with her treatment. To know her is to love her!” -RS

“As soon as I began working with Kenda, I knew I would be totally supported and taken care of through my pregnancy and delivery, and that’s exactly what happened. I will always be grateful to Kenda for bringing her warmth, strength, and knowledge to my pregnancy and our daughter’s birth.” -JK

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