How to Stay In Love While Parenting

a workshop series and learning group for couples facilitated by Jason Keppe

Next Meetings: 
Saturday, December 13th

Focus:  Thriving through the holidays:  maintaining intimacy and dealing with the in-laws

Saturday, January 24th

Focus: Improving the way you fight: knowing your triggers, cultivating empathy, and forgiving mistakes

10am to 12pm

Location: Awaken Chiropractic       $20/person

Jason Keppe is a psychotherapist, trainer, husband, and father.
Contact Jason with questions or to register at
or 510.898.8102

This series is open to: pregnant/expecting couples and new parents –
babies under one year old are welcome!

Research shows that when couples feel connected and on the same page, parenting is easier and families are happier.  Staying connected as a couple is absolutely the best thing you can do for your kids.  It’s also the best thing you can do for your own happiness and quality of life.

The How to Stay In Love While Parenting workshop series will help couples increase their levels of connection with each other and become more effective in their parenting. Workshops will include didactic sections based on relevant research, guided discussions, and exercises addressing key themes such as:

  • Making time for intimacy
  • Taking care of yourself    
  • Giving each other breaks
  • Improving the way you fight
  • Communicating appreciation      
  • Forgiving mistakes
  • Dealing with the in-laws   
  • Creating the optimal work/family balance      

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